Surgery on Friday

I’m nervous. There. I said it. I admitted it to myself.

I’ve gone through it before, and it is truly not a big surgery at all. They’re operating my last wisdom tooth out. In January I had my first surgery and one taken out, so I’ve been through it all before. Sadly, that is what is making me nervous.

I know how much it hurts afterwards. I know how swollen it gets and how the pain affects me.
I’m nervous about that. How it’ll work into my every day life this time. I can’t go to the gym the first few weeks after, I’m not allowed at first but the most important reason is simply that it hurts too much. It hurt every time I walked the first week, so I’ll most likely be staying home for a good amount of time, it makes me nervous that I might feel both in pain and depressed about the situation.

At least I’m prepared for it. Maybe I’ll ask people to come here, or I’ll have planned stuff that will be able to keep me entertained. I’ll work it out. Just felt the need to say it. I’m nervous.



  1. I hope the operation went well and that you’re not in too much pain today (or have plenty of painkillers if you do) Seems like a good time for a netflix binge, some time to catch up on some reading, some wordsearches/crosswords/sudoko/colouring if you’re into them. Maybe pick up a new craft?

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    1. Honestly, I’ve been in loads of pain. Can’t remember feeling this much pain before – but the painkillers did work most of the time. Still are. And I can finally feel progress towards something better now.
      I found the game ‘wooden block puzzle’ and have played it much more than what is considered healthy.


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