safe place

Favourite place (One of..)

IMG_2270.JPGBornholm, Denmark. Fall. (photocredit: lifeofachickpea)

Don’t think this needs all that much of an explanation.

It’s one of my favourite places.
It’s beautiful.
It’s calm.
It’s peaceful.
It’s special.
It’s free.

My mind can wander when I’m there. Or it can settle down. There’s no judgement – no expectations.

It’s far away. I only go there around once a year, but I love that time. Always in the fall so the leaves are colourful and the sun shines so beautifully.


Hiding away – or clinomania?


This is how I feel mostly these days. Partly just cause my bed is the most comfortable and cozy spot ever. Also just cause when I’m there I can go into dreams or just snuggle, I can hide and I can just.. do nothing. (more…)