Anxiety, depression, weight loss and compartmentalizing.Β 

People who’s been reading my blog might have seen that when I write about my ongoing weight loss journey I don’t mention my mental health. And when I write about anxiety and depression I don’t mention weight loss. The reason for that, or one of them, is that they are very different things and when I think about each thing they don’t inflict each other. (more…)


Be who you are!


Just gonna leave you with this today. The quote speaks to me lots. After a long time of hiding parts of myself, trying to make myself seem normal – now I’m focusing on trying to be who I am and allow people to see, and not just show them whatΒ I think they want to see. I’m gonna trust them, instead of constantly living in fear that they might see something they don’t like. Instead I’ll show them something, someone might just love.


Picture is not mine.Β