inside my mind

Macerunner.. or just lost?

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My mind is a mace. I’ve entered with no way of finding my way back to where I got in and now I gotta find another way out. But it’s not just around the first corner, or the second. I might need to go through obstacles, thorns maybe. Maybe there’s a river in the middle of everything that I gotta swim over, making sure not to get taken away by it. Making sure not to drown. Or maybe there’s a huge easy way I can go at times. More often that not though, that is a dead end and I’ll just have wasted my time.


Just a ramble from me.. Do any of you ever feel like that?


Anxiety, depression, weight loss and compartmentalizing. 

People who’s been reading my blog might have seen that when I write about my ongoing weight loss journey I don’t mention my mental health. And when I write about anxiety and depression I don’t mention weight loss. The reason for that, or one of them, is that they are very different things and when I think about each thing they don’t inflict each other. (more…)