Flower shoot

Wanted to share some photos I took a while ago. Sadly I am still using the settings already put in the camera, macro and auto – but I love the pictures I got out of it.

Flowers are one of my favourite things to photograph. There’s so many nuances and small things to focus on. Things you don’t usually see when seeing them in a vase or outside and you walk by.

Let me know what you think, please. And maybe link me a few places to get inspiration, or to see the difference between the manual settings and the auto ones?


Taking a trip with my new macro lens

I have bought some lenses to use with my smartphone, and I’ve been looking forward to trying them out.

For this shoot I used the macro lens. That’s my favourite. I love macro photography. I think the result is actually rather satisfying, considering it’s a mobile phone picture and a cheap lens. It’s certainly worth trying for those days when I don’t wanna carry around the big camera and I’ve always hated the zoom-function on my phone.

However, it will never be anything other than an alternative to the real cameras. I’m okay with that though, so I definitely feel like it was a good buy.