Temporary fix

The best one – and the first one that comes to mind: Cleaning my room by shoving everything into the closet.

It clearly solves the situation right away, but it’s only temporary. It’s obvious that the second I open the closet I will see the mess, I feel be bothered by it when I start looking for stuff and at some point the closet will overflow and the mess will pile out.

While battling anxiety and depression for over a year now, I’ve felt some of the same things as with the closet and cleaning up.

I’ve learnt how to deal – and how to temporarily get better. I’ve found out how to shove my feelings aside and hide them, but the problem is that it is not a permanent solution. It is temporary. At some point the stuff will come out, it will overflow – pile out. I wont be able to hide my feelings forever – I wasn’t. Stuff came out and I had to deal with it all. Try at least.

The big improvement for me is still yet to come – but I’m hoping it will come soon! The important thing is that I’m working on it – working on learning how to deal with the mess and not just stuff it into the closet.

It’s still a work in progress though – and I’m still very glad that I have space in my closet to keep things from everyone else.




  1. I wrote about that feeling of temporary improvement that comes with recovering from depression as well! Strange (but maybe unsurprising?) that the word “temporary” called that to mind for both of us.

    I really like your writing style. The way you compared dealing with anxiety and depression to cleaning a bedroom by hiding all the clutter in the closet seemed very apt to me.

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    1. I agree that it is strange (and yet unsurprising) that we both wrote like that. Could you like your post? I’d be very interested in reading it. And thank you so much for the kind comment!


  2. Even the biggest projects start with one thing at a time; a wall is built with one stone at a time, carefully placed; a house is built one brick at a time, skillfully placed; a life is built one day at a time, fully lived.

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