Mood down

Mood down today. Call help.

What if you could call an order like that. Like on a plane, the pilot calling the tower, “left tank down, tell me how to fix it” – and then they give you the exact instructions on what to do in order to solve the problem and get back to normal again or at least how to safely get through the situation.

I’d like to be able to do that. “Mood low, send solution now”, “Energy levels not good, what to do?” or even,  “Things are going downhill, in need of uplift”. And then receive instructions right away on how to deal with the sitation.

Things would be a lot easier then.



  1. I need that too – I need inspiration to finish one piece of work, but keep getting distracted by the ‘new’ things that are so bright and sparkly and much more interesting that what I should be doing! Help! Where do I find it?

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      1. A novel – with a fully structured outline, and I love it, but this is the stage of hard work, and not the stage of fun, so it’s so hard. But … one key after the other, one thought flow, on scene to follow the previous scene, and on … and on … until ‘the end’ and hopefully, after a bit of a rest and read-through, it’s good enough, if not better. It’s just the middle bit, after the love and laughter of fresh love (the new idea), the difficult time of the ‘marriage’ that requires hard work and compromising and long, thought-filled walks, and …
        You get the idea – it’s hard, and I sometimes I need a bit of inspiration, something to fire me up again, to fall in love with it again. Not much, just a little light in the window. I know it will come, but I’d like it now (yes, I am impatient, always in a rush, always looking forward to the next new thing, the next love affair).
        Anyway, I hope you find your path through the tough bits, too.


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