What makes you laugh when you’re alone?

If you’ve found something that does – then keep it and treasure it forever. I’m not the sort of person that sits alone and chuckles or giggles – or even openly laughs out loud. But there are some things that will do it.

And I try to remember and save those things to repeat again at some other time, cause odds are that I will laugh at them then too. And it’s important.
Laughing can’t be valued to high, it brings joy to the soul and a smile on my face.

Honestly I probably don’t do it enough. Find things to laugh about in my daily life, I mean. I should. I think it would make the dark days a bit lighter, it could bring a bit of life when I feel emptiness or even maybe, just a small smile on a greyΒ day.



  1. Well said. πŸ™‚
    I find that I remember quirky stuff and turns of phrase that make me laugh… but at the same time I don’t watch comedy on TV any more.

    To laugh when alone is like food from heaven — or nearest offer(!)

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      1. Haha, thank you. πŸ™‚
        Yes, I watched so many sitcoms growing up and in my 20s… I think it’s sitcom fatigue! Comedy-dramas work quite well for me now, so it might just be a kind of evolution.

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