I smiled and tried to mean it

Sometimes you come over a song, a poem or an article. Anything that makes you stop and think, you relate. You believe this person can see right into your soul and has written this about you. Or maybe instead you feel like this person has taken your thoughts and put them into words that you could not form yourself.

Something that did that for me is the song Any Other World by the artist Mika.

The lyrics that made me stop and think at first were these:

I tried to live alone
But lonely is so lonely, alone
So human as I am
I had to give up my defences

So I smiled and tried to mean it
To let myself let go

It’s hard for me to explain, but I have this very deep need to be alone. Time to myself. I’m an introvert. But at the same time. Being alone can be lonely. It’s put very nicely in the lyrics. It hit the nail on it’s head.

And then it goes on. The pretence. To me it felt like when I feel bad inside but I don’t want anyone to see it. When I feel sad inside but put a smile on my face and pretend that everything is okay. Let myself forget about the bad stuff, and live like a person who is as happy as I try to look.

It’s hard sometimes. When you take what you read personal. When you put yourself into a song. It doesn’t all make sense, but it doesn’t matter. Cause when I do it, I focus on the stuff that does make sense to me.
And it’s how Mika wanted it. He wanted it relatable. The situation. The feelings. The hard times. The change.

In an interview he’s said about the record:

There is a little spoken introduction that many people may miss.

It’s a family friend of mine who lost her eye during the war in Lebanon and I realised in everyone’s life their comes one point — or several points — where something happens and you have to completely change the way you have lived your life because of one event.

And it really makes you readjust and rethink and rejudge parts of your life all over again.

That happens to some people in a dramatic way like Rafa who lost both her eye and her husband within six months. Or it can be in a much quieter way like when you are 22-years-old and you finally leave university after being in education all your life or when you lose your job.

I wanted to put that in the song, because when you’re 68 or 14, it’s still the same feeling and it’s still just as hard.

I wanted to try to capture that quite difficult period that people have to go through at least once in their life.



  1. Hello, Stephie. As for me it’s ‘Running’ from Kris Allen. I was stunned, took a deep breathe, and began contemplating as my Musixmatch lyric scrolled.The fact that each words paraphrase the innermost thoughts, feelings, and wants. That I actually I needed someone to understand those things when there was no one to talk with.

    “I know you think you’ve got me down
    Maybe you just lost yourself and don’t know how
    It’s sometimes all taken out
    Won’t you take it, catch your breath and you’ll find out

    That you’re running from yourself”

    ‘Running’ has been my most played song (and top 25, recent playlist, etc. etc.) ever since I knew it (2015 — this song is from 2007, the hell I lost all those years haha). I’ve never heard him having an interview about it. Those behind-the-song sessions. Wish he had. ‘Running’ has created a bond with me, and I hope it does for everyone else who listen.

    ‘Running’ would never been too old for me.

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