Letting the internet devour me

One of those days where acting like a proper grown up is just too much. Actually I should say a few of those days. Cause I’ve had more than once this week.

I’ve pretty much cancelled everything that I’d planned to do this week in favour for staying home alone with my computer. It has become a pattern to me.
I’m binge watching Friends. I’m constantly checking facebook and instagram. I’m checking the news and the sports section. I’m going through all my youtube subscriptions. I’m wasting time. I am hiding.

There’s nothing new in that. In fact, it’s a bit too well-known for me. But it’s okay. I’m letting myself feel okay about it.

I have reasons. Yes I do. I need to remind myself of that. I’m not weak for staying home. I’m taking a look at what I need and what I’m capable of in that moment and I’m acting on it.

Later I will be stronger and I’ll go through with my plans, but this week it’s okay to stay home. I’ll be stronger soon. That’s the hope anyway.


  1. I call them Anti-Boredom simulators. Specifically designed to make you think youre not bored when in fact you are and they’re wasting your time. I would recommend going through a phase of lowering time you have with things that over stimulate your unconscious. Everything will tell you not to do less stimulating things, walking, reading, writing, painting, swimming, running etc. But I promise they will do your physical and mental health a world of good.

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    1. Anti-boredom simulators is a good word to describe what they are. And you’re right. I can’t agree with you in saying that I feel better after doing things like walking or drawing – BUT the anti-boredom things doesn’t make me feel better either, so it’s definitely good to switch things up!

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  2. We all have such days or weeks and it is absolutely okay to stay home and watch FRIENDS. And why not when nothing works the show sure does for me too. And its all the more better when we know that we are going to be okay and we will be strong again.

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