Getting back into the healthy routine

After getting two surgeries done in 2017 – and now almost done with the pains after them, it’s time for me to get back into the healthy lifestyle I had going for fall 2016.

This is a list for myself, and I thought I would share it with you:

  1. Go to the gym again (at least twice a week)
  2. Weigh myself once a week
  3. Eat 1600 kcal each day (plus my 700 extra each week)
  4. Go on a daily walk

Those are the goals I try to keep up with – and if I do I will lose weight for sure.

But it’s hard. I’ve allowed myself to relax with the health-stuff in 2017 so far, due to the fact that I’m getting braces soon and I wanted to enjoy eating without complications and pains – and maybe mostly because I’ve had my two teeth-surgeries which have made me unable to eat and move around properly.
However, that’s just about done now and I’m getting to move on with my weight-loss journey again.

As of right now status is:

Lost 14 kgs (nearly 30 punds)
To go: 11 kgs (22 pounds)

Let me know if any of you are doing the same stuff – or if you’ve got advice for me to follow through on my goals. Support is always highly appreciated!



  1. Keep going! I’m really starting to get motivated by your blog. I don’t know what I’m motivated for exactly but its great. I enjoy reading it. You can hit all the targets, I haven’t gone through the same thing so I can’t possibly give out any useful advice. But I used to endurance events like marathons and triathlons and all I can say is, having doubted myself all those years, you can do this 100%. You can achieve every goal, and I wish you well!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so happy I’m writing something you like. Can I just ask you one thing, did you focus on smaller goals or did you stay focused on the big goal? (which would be the marathon/triathlon probably)

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      1. I always focused on the small. I broke it all down into tiny parts. So my biggest event was an Ironman triathlon and instead of thinking of it as 200km+ in a day, I broke it down not into 3 sports but into small parts of those sports. So the marathon was 4 10 km runs etc. And in training I would even break down the day. So if I had to run 3 hours that I day I would break it down into 6 30 minutes of running and I would focus on a specific topic in those thirty minutes to think about. Basically, break everything down to the tiniest degree and just do them one by one and before you know it you will have achieved all your goals.

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