Looking for comfort

I’m in so much pain today – and was last night too. I had my tooth removal surgery yesterday and even though I had it before and knew what to expect it’s worse this time. My cheek is swollen even more already and it will get worse today and tomorrow before it should finally slowly go down again.

My mum is picking me up very soon. That’s right. I, 26 years old, need my mum to pick me up and take me home to give me cuddles and look after me. I’m not ashamed. Who doesn’t want their family in times of pain?

My family is my safety net and they’re my most important support. I love them and I’m so thankful I have them, both in times of pain and over all in life.

(Please God, let me keep them forever)



  1. I’m sorry you’re suffering but never feel bad about needing your mum. Hell I’m 64, my mother passed away last year but there were still days when I just needed to hear her voice, run ideas past her, give her a hug. You’re never ‘too old’ for comfort, for needing her.

    My son is 29. If he was having a bad day and needed me, I would be there for him, no questions, no judgements. It’s called being a parent.

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    1. It’s actually very reassuring to read this – thank you for writing! I’ve been with my parents for 4-5 days now and just got home. And it’s been great. Almost didn’t want to go back but life goes on.


  2. I hope you’re feeling better now? I remember having my wisdom teeth removed – I was 30 and my boyfriend came with me so he could make sure I got home alright! There is no age limit on needing to be looked after when you’re ill/in pain.

    I love your blog name by the way. Chickpea is such a cute nickname!

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    1. Thank you! And special thank you for the comment about the nickname – the first time my friend used it I couldn’t stop smiling cause I loved it so much right from there.
      I hope you got through your removal without big issues! It’s great having someone to look after you – and you’re right, no age limit on it either.


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