My tips for losing weight

I am by no means an expert on this, but I started my weight-loss journey May 2016 – and have since then lost 14 kilos, so I do have some tips for others who want to shed some weight.

       1. Set smaller goals – not just one big one. Your mind reacts positively when you reach a small goal. It helps your motivation – and you’re more likely to keep momentum going than if you’re working towards a big goal that will take longer to reach.

2. Only step onto the weight once a week (and around the same time of day)! This is important. Your body weight goes up and down lots within a day – and more within a month, so if you want an actual picture of how you’re progressing you need to limit the times of the weigh-in. It is important too that it is around the same time of day, since what you eat in a day affects your weight lots! I usually do it after breakfast on Wednesdays.

3. Find a way to make the weight-loss tangible or visual. Find something that’s relatable and visual to you. I used to think about the packs of butter I’d lost. They weigh 500 grams each, so even in the beginning I saw the small changes quickly by thinking of the packs of butter. 2 kilos might not seem a lot, but when you stack up 4 packs of butter it feels like a bigger accomplishment. When I reached the minus 10 kilo mark my nutritionalist did me one better, by making me hold weights of 10 kgs and made me do squats. I’ve never felt the difference as much as I right then! I used to drag those 10 kgs with me everywhere and now I could leave them behind!

Along with that last one, I’ll add this website I found recently. It allows your to enter your name and the amount of weight (in pounds) you’ve lost, and it will tell you what that weight corresponds to. For instance, 20 pounds is the same as a car tire. Tell you what, I’m really excited I’m not logging that around anymore!



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