Weight loss journey #4 – From minus 5 to minus 10 kilos!

How youtube videos can help! And how great the double digits felt!

Going from having lost 5 kgs to reaching the magical double digits was an amazing feeling! It felt even better than the first five. In a way, it made me want to calculate in punds – since it would double the numbers (1 kgs is around 2,2 pounds). But it would not feel right to me since everyone in Denmark always use the kilos instead, and I don’t think it would trick my mind as much as just confuse me.

I reached the minus 10 kgs in October 2016. The way I’d done it was to keep up with my diet. Actually I was eating a bit less than I was allowed to, since my sleeping patterns were way off – and I really don’t eat while being awake at night. I kept going on walks and went to the gym around 3 times a month. Ideally I wanted to go once a week, but it didn’t always happen. My walks were never long or that hard – but they were present! I got out and moved about. And I started doing workouts at home.

I found a personal trainer that put up videos on youtube of short exercise routines. If anyone’s interested I’ll make a post with some of her videos at a later time. I usually did these during the evening. Most of them took less that 12 minutes – but they got up me off the couch and got me sweating and panting.

I felt successful every time I’d completed a workout – and working out from home was much easier than going to the gym. I’d found a path that worked for me and was making the kilos drop, I loved that most of all!

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