Fun day at the gym!

It’s so typical. Just yesterday I made a post asking Where’s the joy in working out? – and today I have an answer to that question.

YES – I made it to the gym both yesterday and today, and the experiences were so different from each other.
Today I had fun! I laughed and I played. I got a rope out for shipping and one of those blow up gym balls which I had no idea what to do with – but I let loose and had fun while my pulse was up high.

I sucked at using the jump-rope – and I fell more than once on the ball. My sister even had to ask in full seriousness if I was okay or if I’d hurt myself. But I tried new things today, I allowed myself to look silly and laughed it off when I fell or when I tripped on the rope. But along with all that fun, I also got a 70 minute workout done. I used my abs like I’ve never done before and I got my pulse up high several times during the workout.

This is not to say that I wont feel like it’s a chore the next time I go. I doubt that this will work every time, but it’s nice to change it all up once in a while. Maybe next time I will make a silly playlist to listen too while working out, or maybe I’ll prepare a program from home so I can feel proud when doing it all. But for today, playing my way through it was the way for me, and honestly, after a hard, boring day yesterday it was the best that could have happened to me!


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