Anxiety, depression, weight loss and compartmentalizing. 

People who’s been reading my blog might have seen that when I write about my ongoing weight loss journey I don’t mention my mental health. And when I write about anxiety and depression I don’t mention weight loss. The reason for that, or one of them, is that they are very different things and when I think about each thing they don’t inflict each other. In real life that is of course not completely true, but there is some truth to it. I focus on my weight loss regardless of how I feel mentally. Although going to the gym or outside is really hard on a bad day mentally, I still do stuff at home then and focus on my food those times.

My progress with my weight doesn’t affect my psyche a lot either. Wether it’s going good or slow, at most it’ll be a small feeling compared to everything else.

My anxiety and journey towards a healthier lifestyle started at different times. I think that’s also as reason why I feel like they’re so far apart.

Maybe in the future I will post more about the subjects together, depending on how it all goes with time. All in all its all part of me and my life, and that is after all what I’m here talking about.


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