Meal plan counting calories

I was in the process of typing out my meal plan in English. However, with the different measurements and certain ingredients it wasn’t as easy as I’d thought it would be. And at the same time I stumbled upon a great discovery I thought I’d share.

And then while looking for help with the measurements I found the website “eatthismuch“. It’s a site where you can insert the number of calories you want, the number of meals you want, and any food preference you follow, if you’re vegan, paleo or vegetarian, and it will generate a menu for you. It will also provide both recipes and information about the amount of protein, fat and carbs you’re getting.

I find this very helpful! You’re able to customise it, adding your own dishes or setting specific goals for the amount or fat, carbs or protein you wanna take in. You can even set a criteria for certain amounts of fiber or sodium. I would for instance make sure I got more fibers than they suggest as fibers are important to keep me full for longer.

Honestly I think the website is more helpful to you all, but just in case I’ll also show how I spread out my calories during a typical day:

Breakfast: 300 calories
Snack: 200 calories
Lunch: 250 calories
Snack: 200 calories
Dinner: 500 calories
Snack: 100 calories
Extra: Each week I have  700 extra calories which i usually ‘spend’ if I go out with friends or feel like eating extra snacks during the weekend.

Disclaimer: I wanna say that I’m not an expert on any of this. I’m not educated and the only experience I have is what I’ve felt on my own body, heard from others and read online. I’m still a work in progress also, so my ways might change as time passes.

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