As you might have read in my earlier posts about the subject Part #1 and Part #2, it was hard for me to get into the habits of healthy eating instead of eating lots of candy and generally buying unhealthy foods.

But first, a disclaimer: I wanna say that I’m not an expert on any of this. I’m not educated and the only experience I have is what I’ve felt on my own body, heard from others and read online. I’m still a work in progress also, so my ways might change as time passes.

My big weakness is candy, chips (crisps) and white bread – amount with pizza and burgers. I love those! But they all contain lots of calories. So if I was gonna keep eating these foods, they would take up too much of my calorie-intake and I would be left hungry for a huge part of the days. I can handle that sometimes, but as a general, that just wouldn’t do for me. I need to feel full.

So I had to eat foods that would keep me full for longer periods, but that I still enjoyed eating. I don’t wanna be stick in some routine where I eat and bunch of stuff that I hate. It would make the struggle so much harder – and impossible to continue when I hopefully reach my glad. This is not a diet.. it’s a lifestyle change for me. I wanna be healthy.

I found that oatmeal worked well for my breakfast, and a wholemeal bread with meat on and carrots was a good lunch. I could eat that almost every day. But dinner was a problem cause I craved pizza and burgers with fries.

My nutritionalist had given me two different options as inspiration, but most importantly, she’d told me what amount of calories to eat for each meal. But it wasn’t enough for me with these two options. They seemed boring and not to my taste, so I went on and explored on my own, being careful to read labels and calculate the amount of each food I could eat. What I discovered was that I don’t need all that much change in my food. I don’t get easily bored – as long as the food is to my liking. I could mix wholemeal pasta and low fat meats with either salads or soups. Or I could fill a pancake with salad and meat too. Although I still crave pizzas and burgers regularly (and allow myself to eat them once in a while – just remember counting the calories!), I love those meals and love the feeling when I’ve completed a day and have stuck to my goals.

Other than the three main courses I would eat a snack three times a day. My nutritionalist gave me a long list of snacks that contained 100 calories. This was very helpful to me! Sometimes I would be allowed to pick two things from the list, sometimes 1, depending on what other stuff I’d eaten that day.

The long list helped me a lot in this case. Many options, and although the strawberry smoothie quickly came through as a personal favourite it was such a good feeling going through it and deciding what I wanted to eat.


In near future I will make a post, showing my meal plan and how my calorie-intake is spread out during the day. But remember that all this is only what has worked for me so far, it’s not an experts opinion. Everyone has their own amount of calories they need, and what I did wont be right for everyone.



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