Hiding away – or clinomania?


This is how I feel mostly these days. Partly just cause my bed is the most comfortable and cozy spot ever. Also just cause when I’m there I can go into dreams or just snuggle, I can hide and I can just.. do nothing.

Especially if I’ve actually challenged myself the desire to stay in bed takes over, but it’s in a different way then. Then the following days/week after doing something hard I will be so tired that bed seems like the only real option for me.

I’ve talked to my psychologist about this.. wanting to stay in bed forever. And what we agreed in the end was that bed was okay. It’s a nice place – but it can’t be a hiding place. I can stay in bed because I feel like it. Wanting the cuddle and warmth, but if it’s because I’m hiding I need to get up.

It’s hard to apply in reality though. But knowing what to do is a step in the right direction. Taking action is a step all in it’s own. And I’m trying – and that’s enough!

Clinomania is a very real feeling in my life. I hope I learn to control it a but more in the future, but to me, right now, it also feels like a very safe and comfortable feeling, so right now I’m not ready to fight it for real.


  1. I always hide in my bed. No one can get me from there unless they lift up the covers or if my cat is looking up at me with one of those depressing looks of when am i going to be fed. That just breaks my heart. After my event, I stayed in bed so much that it was not healthy so I try to stay out during the hours I should be awake. Hope you didnt write this blog from the blog -Bruce


      1. Um, yeah about that last sentence….lol….what i wanted to say was, why dont you come write for my blog…lol….no clue what that sentence means.
        Ways to get out of the bed: make goals, if you have a pet bother them play with them, walk around the house, watch tv somewhere other then the bedroom, take up adult coloring (that can be really fun no matter your age). Remember you will come out of your funk, it takes time. When? Well only you and your body can answer that as it is different per person.


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