Feeling depressed, but with hope

It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get.

– Confucius.

Seeing stuff like this makes me feel down. Especially when I don’t have a great day. Words like these makes me feel like the world is out to get me, trying to make my life worse than it is. And it gets very hard for me to see anything positive in life. I feel like everything gets hard. Every tiny thing. And then I give up, and I let the bad things and the hate overwhelm me and I feel like that’s the truth in life. There’s no light anymore.

But that’s not actually the point of the quote. The point is to make us fight for love and for the good things. Not accept what comes easily, but instead seek to find the good things in life and challenge ourselves to try and become better people.

I don’t have that drive in me every day to work for the good things to come my way. But I do have good things in my life. The thing is, that on the bad days I can’t see them – there’s no light to show me. And I forget. Forget that last night wasn’t actually as bad as today. Forget that I have people in my life who loves me, and that I love in return.

To feel better I need plans for that to do when life overwhelms me. Sometimes it helps me to write. Write down the good and the bad. Get it out.. put it where I can see it at a later point if I need it. The good reminds me that there are good times – good days. Even when I forget it can light a tiny light inside me, and that’s enough to help me go on to the next day.


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