Favorite macros

These are some of my favourite photos that I’ve ever taken. It’s been a while since I took them, but they’re still the ones I prefer. Partly cause of the photos themselves. Partly cause of the memories of the day taking them.

I love the light flower petals, especially in the bottom photo where you can actually see the texture of the petal and to me it just looks so soft my eyes can practically feel it. I also love the colours. The white mixed with the green and the small yellow addition in the middle.

I took the photo in my grandparent’s garden. It was right up against their white picked fence and the green grass in the background. It was a windy day, but there was a moment when it seemed to stop, the flowers stilled and gave me the moment I needed to get my pictures.

My grandmother always loved flowers and therefore their garden had all different sorts. Unfortunately she is no longer with us, but every time I see flowers I think of how she would appreciate them. I wish I could have showed her more of my pictures. I know she would have been proud of me. I take this as a reminder to myself to remember to share stuff with people around me now. Share now, before it’s too late.


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