Minimalistic design – but too much stuff!

I live in a rented room. In that room I need my sleep area, eating area, study room and relax functions. Along with my closet, all my stuff and a tv.

Kitchen and bathroom is luckily shared with my roomie so those kinda things doesn’t need a place in my room.

The problem is that I really like the minimalistic design of rooms. Not too much on the shelves, lots of breathing space and easy access to everything. But my room is nothing like that. It’s crowded. Way too crowded.

It’s cozy. When it’s all tidied up and I’ve lit a candle it’s a cosy room that I really love, but it’s still crowded. Too many functions in one small room, and too many things pushed in everywhere.

It’s 100% a matter of taste and aesthetics. But I just wished it was better. The problem however, is all the things I wanna have here!

Sometimes I tell myself that if/when I get more space things will change. I can have an office, a livingroom and a bedroom! But honestly, it will only solve part of the problem. I will just want to buy more stuff to fill it up. I think I need to change myself a bit before that happens. Get rid of some stuff maybe. Decide if I really need them. Have I used it the last year? If not, then get rid of it.

Does anyone have ideas how to get your personal amount of stuff down to what if actually needed and actually wanted, instead of keeping and buying more and more stuff all the time – believing it’s needed.


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