Weight loss journey #1

I am usually not one to talk about weight – at all.. I’ve always been on the heavier side, and always felt like someone might make fun of me for it. No one ever actually has though – and I’m so thankful for that!

But April 2016 I found out that my teeth and the way I bite is very bad, and that it will require fixing, first with braces and then surgery. A surgery which they wont perform unless my BMI came into the ‘normal’ category.Β In my case, it meant that I would need to loose 25 kgs, needing to go from 103 kgs to 78 kgs.

Needless to say, I was shocked about all this new knowledge. I knew I weighed too much and had actually made plans to start losing weight, but this would need to be done a lot faster than I planned. A lot harder than I had planned to make it.

Luckily I didn’t go through it alone. My parents offered to pay for a professional dietrist who could help me – and who has helped me a lot. She gives me new perspectives, she helped me set of a plan for my daily calorie intake and she’s made me think about food a different way than I did before. Made me more aware – but also got me to get some healthy habits instead of my old, unhealthy ones.

This day I weigh 90 kgs. I still have 12 more to go before I reach my goal, and I’m sure it’ll take a while and be hard, but I will fight to get there! It’s not just about what the doctor and dentist are telling me, it’s about me wanting to reach my goal!



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