My new hobby

Recently I started colouring again. I say again, since I, just as so many other girls, did this very much when I was little. But here I am. 26 years old and wishing for colouring books and colour pencils for my birthday.

My birthday was this weekend – and I guess I wished for them enough, cause my brother and sister came me two colouring books and a pack of nice pencils.

I always felt that I would be the sort of person who would enjoy to doodle and draw – on of those people who would do it all the time, bring books and pens wherever they went and always return with a stack of creative and beautiful pictures. But that never happened. I’m not skilled enough, and not creative enough. But I believe I’ve now found my niche! I love colouring. It relaxes me and keeps my mind calm, and lets me destress and allows my thoughts to settle down.

Honestly I haven’t done it too much yet, but so far I am really enjoying it, and can definitely see myself doing this much more in times to come.


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