A Beginning

“What would you attempt to do, if you knew you could not fail?”

This, or something like this, was said by Robert H. Schuller. I can’t really tell you who he is, or was. I can’t tell you in what context the quote is taken from either.

But I can tell you what I will be using it for. I will try thing, that I usually wouldn’t try. I can take chances myself that I wouldn’t usually take – and instead of being overpowered by the realism of everyday thinking, I will allow myself to dream – and to live out the dream, the start of it anyway. In this case in particular, it will mean that Im starting this blog in the hopes of it becoming something big. Something big to me.

I’m not talking about something big in the world. It is not my goal to become world famous or rule the internet. But if this blog can be anything good for me, then it’s worth trying. And if it by any chance can become something that’s interesting for others to read, then that’s worth something too!

It’s not that I can’t fail. I totally can. But if I fail, so what?! The opportunity that I might fail, wont hold me back today!

What will I attempt to do, knowing I wont fail? I don’t know. But I wanna find out!



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